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Grude Oil
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Welcome to TGE, home to one of the most exciting and transformational fuel conversion technologies in the Clean Energy world today. 


At TGE we passionately understand that the reality and economic feasibility of future combustion fuel is not alternative fuel, but rather green sourced fuel. To that end TGE is deep in final data design research at our state of the art Pilot Plant in Germany and look with excitement towards our plans for the construction, this year, of our USA based Demonstration Plant. 

We are proud and humbled to soon begin providing TGE's exclusive hydrocarbon product slate, GRUDE OIL  , a truly green carbon-neutral alternative refinery drop in feedstock that surpasses traditional Crude Oil in every way.



Subsequent to TGE acquiring the technology, it embarked on years of significant engineering R&D to bring it to where it is today. A pressure-less, very low thermal depolymerization process; the only currently known    non-pyrolytic electrical conversion technology.


Our proprietary and patented technology facilitates a transformation of organic materials such as coal, bagasse, sawdust, forest residue, wood, pulp and animal waste to high-quality alternative refinery feedstock oil, for liquid fuel production.

Traditional pyrolytic and Fischer Tropsch Systems of conversion can be enormously inefficient, environmentally unfriendly and exorbitantly expensive with conversion rates of 30%. Our technology has been empirically recorded to convert as much as 100% of the carbonaceous value of the input feedstock material to liquid fuel.



Our patented process and proprietary equipment produce a rich slurry which ultimately distills to our product slate of Grude Oil fuels.


A valuable biochar byproduct is made while emissions remain low to zero, with produced water as our only disposable to manage.

A very low-thermal, non-burning, natural  process that is environmentally friendly and carbon neutral.

Enormously efficient compared to traditional pyrolysis and gasification technologies.

Zero Emission

GREEN synthetic crude oil

"cleaning the world with every BARREL  "
of high-quality Grude oil  refined into liquid fuel



From multiple feedstocks and cellulosic biomass to a carbon-neutral
green synthetic crude oil that can be further refined to several liquid
fuel ranges including Jet A, Kerosene, Gasoline and Diesel fuels
Low pressure, non-pyrolytic and direct conversion technology

A sea-change technology in Green Fuel production
After a decade of chemical research by its legacy company, TGE deeply committed to years of R&D in it’s fully rebuilt Pilot Plant. New ownership, management, execution, and funding has brought this phenomenal brainchild to see extremely promising results and data and the promise of its first production Plant to
be built in the USA.
Green Diesel


The future is exciting and the possibilities endless as the long road traveled now begins to show major promise. With a significant commitment to building the braintrust of TGE we have engaged truly the best of the best across all disciplines including;
engineering, chemical and petrochemical, process design, IP and business stewardship.


With potential strategic feedstock partners continually approaching us, TGE has begun to look more closely at these and some exciting feedstock testing campaigns lie ahead. We are honored and blessed to be birthing this incredible technology and “Cleaning The World With Every Barrel  "


What's Next?



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