Now in it's final stage of market readiness and tweaking, welcome to one of TGE's exclusive products and brands, GRUDE OIL


Our proprietary KDV technology most efficiently produces an exceptional alternative refinery feedstock (a green, carbon-neutral alternative to traditional Crude Oil) for usage by refineries across the globe that we call Grude Oil




Catalytic pressureless depolymerization is a process that facilitates

a transformation of organic and inorganic materials such as plastic, pulp, coal, plants, wood and waste to high-quality alternative refinery feedstock oil, for liquid fuel production.

Traditional pyrolytic and Fischer Tropsch Systems of conversion can

be enormously inefficient and exorbitantly expensive with

conversion rates of around 30%. 


KDV Technology has been recorded to convert as much

as 88% of the carbonaceous value of the input material to

liquid fuel.


Our patented process and proprietary equipment produce a rich slurry containing crude oil, diesel, bitumen and water... that's it! 

Environmental toxins like dioxin, furans, olefins, resins and methane are not generated in the process. 

A very low-thermal, non-burning, low emissions, natural catalytic process that is environmentally friendly and carbon neutral.

Enormously efficient compared to traditional pyrolysis and gasification technologies.


GREEN synthetic crude oil

"cleaning the world with every gallon" of high-quality Grude oil 
or other liquid fuel produced!


From plastics, coals and cellulosic biomass to a carbon-neutral green synthetic crude oil that can be further refined to several liquid fuel ranges
 low pressure catalytic direct conversion technology... 
a sea-change shift in what the world does with residual biomass waste material
Riding on the back of 20 years of R&D in our newly configured demonstration plant in Germany, new management, execution, and funding has brought this phenomenal brainchild to see extremely promising results and data
 The future is exciting and the possibilities endless as we continue to perfect and develop our landmark biomass to GRUDE OIL    (Green Crude) technology


With a significant commitment to new management, funding and R&D, the road ahead looks bright as TGE has engaged the best of the best across all areas including; engineering, chemical and petrochemical, process design, IP and business stewardship. 




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